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The Importance of Dental Health for Your Pet

Dogs and cats can benefit from good oral care. You should plan on examining your pet’s mouth regularly. Your dental routine should include teeth brushing and regular visits to your vet. To make sure your pet has a life of good oral health, keep these tips in mind.

1. If you smell bad breath, your dog or cat may have tooth-related trouble. While dogs and cats do not have perfectly smelling breath all the time, if you notice a particularly strong odor or the sudden onset of a different odor, something may be amiss.

2. Once a week, examine your pet’s teeth and gums. If you notice any discoloration, inflammation, swelling or bleeding of the gums, you should be concerned. You should also look for any discolored, chipped, loose, or missing teeth. If you see any of these conditions, it’s time for your pet to see a vet.

3. You can get toothbrushes and toothpaste made especially for your dog or cat. Human toothpaste should not be used on your pet’s teeth. It may be difficult to brush your pet’s teeth at first, but after some regular practice, he or she will get more used to it, and it will be easier for both of you. Plan on brushing your pet’s teeth at least once a week.

4. Let them chew safe and healthy products. Chew toys and chew treats are good for your pet, satisfying their urge to chew and providing good stimulation to the teeth and gums. They also help scrape plaque from teeth and massage their gums.

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